As a specialist in this area, we understand the host of challenges facing the metals and mining industries in the global marketplace. To maintain competitive advantage organizations are looking at automation as a way of increasing production and improving safety, whilst reducing operating costs.

To meet these needs we are able to provide the solution for included equipment, but not limited to the following:

  • Crusher
  • Raw Material Handling
  • Raw Mill / Coal Mill
  • Coal Firing System
  • Furnace: Blast, Basic Oxygen, Electric Arc
  • Galvanizing / Pickling Line
  • Continuous Casting Machine: Slab, Bloom, Billet
  • Rotary Cement Packer
  • Hot Rolled Temper Mill and Recoil Lines
  • Steel Melting
  • Hot / Cold / Billet Rolling Mills
Our scope of services includes:

Zeinet&SSE  is experienced  in a wide range of processes and material handling applications, including electric furnaces, smelting and blast furnace operations, reheating and heat treat furnaces, continuous casting,  rolling mills, pickling and acid regeneration, anode and cathode production, effluent water and air filtration and treatment, material identification and tracking.