We do our utmost to provide and maintain a clean, healthy and safe working environment. Wherein our   employees and clients feel safe. Zeinet&SSE recognizes that pollution prevention, biodiversity and resource conservation are key to a sustainable environment and will effectively integrate these concepts into our business decision-making. Our employees may raise concerns about their workplace safety, and we aim to have the incidents and injury free environment.

Environmental management shall be subject to the principles set out in this plan.  The Environment and the Health/Safety of our workforce are important to us.  We therefore aim to reduce risks related to these areas wherever possible. For this reason, we have developed an in house Health, Safety and Environmental policy, which is used to guide HSE Management and the Development Activities.

Some of the key objectives our Environmental policy (EP) and HSE Management and development activities (HSEMDA), are listed below:

fstWe are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all our staff, or for those who may be affected by our operations.

sndWe will adhere to relevant National and International Health, Safety & Environmental Legislation. And will attempt to minimize the effects of our operations on the environment.

trdWe will ensure that all staff, suppliers and contractors involved in our operations have a detailed understanding of the importance of quality control.

fthWe will aim to create a corporate culture where our workforce are able to report to management, without fear, on issues related to breaches of the (EP) and (HSEMDA).

Social responsibilities

We believe that it is our responsibility as a socially conscious organization to reduce any detrimental impact resulting from our operations.

At Zeinet&SSE our philosophy is that a fair balance must be created between needs of our clients and the needs and expectations of the community. Every member of our organization, be it employee, employer, manufacturer or consumer take Corporate Responsibility seriously. We are committed to monitoring and managing our social, environmental and economic impact on society as a whole.